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                CT/NG/UU Real-time PCR Kit (HBRT-STD3)

                Summary:The 3-in-1 Detection of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (CT, NG, UU)Features:– 3 different STDs are specifically detected in one single reaction– Above 98% Positive Concordance


                The 3-in-1 Detection of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (CT, NG, UU)


                –          3 different STDs are specifically detected in one single reaction圖片關鍵↑詞

                –          Above 98% Positive Concordance rate

                –          High Accuracy, Sensitivity and Specificity                                             

                –          Results available in 3-3.5 hours



                Sample Collection Medium:

                –          Hybribio Female Sample Collection Kit (HBCK-F)

                –          Liquid-based cytology system (e.g. ThinPrep? – Hologic, SurePathTM – BD)

                –          Sterile Urine bottles without any preservatives


                Reference codeHBRT-STD3
                Tests per kit48
                AnalysesChlamydia trachomatis, Neisseria gonorrhea, Ureaplasma urealyticum
                Sample TypeUrine, Cervical Sample
                Device/instrument required4-channel Real-time PCR instrument
                Fluorophore DetectorFAM, HEX, ROX, Cy5
                Sample volume required15 ml urine; 1ml swab sample
                ControlsInternal Control
                Maximum run at a time98 Tests (including positive and negative controls)

                Quantitative detection of 3 types of sexual transmitted diseases in ONE single reaction,

                applicable to single and mixed infections

                 Result Example of CT/NG/UU Real-time PCR detection: