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                A thank-you letter from Hungary for Hybribio’s contributing to the fight against the epidemic

                2020-04-07 14:53:05 hybribio 59

                Source: Guangdong Radio and TV Station

                Recently, a thank-you letter from Hungary to Chaozhou, Guangdong. On behalf of the Hungarian government, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology of Hungary thanked Guangdong Province, Chaozhou Hybribio Biochemistry Ltd. for our support and assistance to the prevention and control of epidemic in Hungary.

                “Your contribution to help arranging COVID-19 tests for Hungary is greatly appreciated. In this challenging time we have to face together the global pandemic and cooperate with each other to tackle it.”


                On March 17, the Hungarian government commissioned a representative to Chaozhou to purchase 30,000 COVID-19 nucleic acid diagnostic kits from Hybribio.

                Guangdong Hybribio Biotech Ltd. vice-general manager Chen Yi:

                After the Hungarian government reached us, we immediately responded to their needs. We sought support and help from relevant government departments as their needs was quite urgent.     

                At that time, the number of local infections in Hungary continued to rise, and that batch of diagnostic reagents needed to be shipped to Hungary via Guangzhou the next day. Hybribio immediately expedited production and mobilized multiple departments such as business and logistics to complete customs declaration and packaging. At the same time, in order to guide the Hungarian for 2019-nCoV diagnosis locally, Hybribio also filmed several guidance videos.

                Guangdong Hybribio Biotech Ltd. vice-general manager Chen Yi:      Products are quickly exported to Hungary. According to the local government, the tests ran smoothly there.

                Critical moments highlighted the role of Guangdong enterprises and the "Chinese temperature" was passed on. Hybribio, as a key enterprise in Chaozhou City, is a domestic manufacturer of nucleic acid diagnostic kits and third-party molecular medical laboratory. After the outbreak, Hybribio had successfully developed a COVID-19 nucleic acid diagnostic kit within nine days, which was used for the rapid identification of suspected patients and differentiation of influenza and COVID-19 patients.

                Guangdong Hybribio Biotech Ltd. senior R&D director Li Liejun:

                On January 20, we heard from Academician (Zhong Nanshan) that the virus was human-to-human transmission. Our company immediately started research on COVID-19 diagnostic kit regardless that it was during the Spring Festival. The development was completed on January 29. Later on, we took on the task for disease control and epidemic detection in Guangdong province, and obtained the accuracy rate of sampling results which was 100%.

                In this epidemic, the advantages of automated and intelligent production stood out. The company not only tackled the difficulty in recruiting workers during Spring Festival, but also accelerated in resuming production, undertaking a large number of inspection tasks, and assisting foreign countries. Hybribio played an important role in the overall situation.


                Guangdong Hybribio Biotech Ltd. vice-general manager Weng Danrong:

                Our current production lines are almost fully automatic. Each production line needs only 2 to 3 people to operate.    

                Currently, the daily production capacity of Hybribio's novel coronavirus diagnostic reagents reaches 150,000 tests. More than 40 countries and regions in such as Central Europe, South America, and North America have the intention to purchase our reagents, among which many national central laboratories and medical institutions are verifying Hybribio’ reagents.