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                Concerted efforts to fight the epidemic

                2020-03-26 13:59:17 Hybribio 49

                Hybribio supports Hong Kong to fight the epidemic

                The Novel Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic has continued to develop, and all sectors of Hong Kong have made every effort to block the outbreak. Yesterday, Hybribio held a press conference on Hybribio Biological Group’s COVID-19 Real-Time PCR Kit in Hong Kong, and released a donation plan for 3,000 diagnostic kits to support the Hong Kong SAR government and medical Institutions to fight the epidemic. The product technology, which can quickly make a preliminary diagnosis of a suspected patient in 70 minutes at most, has received the attention of the Hong Kong SAR government and many media. As of February 10, there are 35 media in Hong Kong had made positive reports. At the same time, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority expressed its appreciation for the donation of Hybribio’s diagnostic kits and its active support for the prevention and control of the epidemic in Hong Kong.


                “If the Hong Kong epidemic worsens and the demand is greater, Hybribio will donate more kits for the detection of more suspected cases,” theVice General Manager said at the press conference.

                圖片關鍵Ψ 詞

                Press Conference (source:China Daily)

                As a Guangdong-HongKong-funded enterprise, Hybribio is also a domestic supplier of advanced nucleic acid molecular diagnostic products and a third-party testing service provider. After clarifying that the novelcoronavirus is human-to-human transmission, the Hybribio R & D team developedand launched two COVID-19 Real-Time PCR Kits (RT-PCR method and Sanger sequencing method) in a short time, helpingto rapidly identification of suspected patients with novel coronavirus and to prevent and control the epidemic. The Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention used the Hybribio’s COVID-19 Real-Time PCR Kit to perform sample tests, and the sample result compliance rates were 100%;Shantou University · Hong Kong University Joint Institute of Virology tested Hybribio’s novel coronavirusreagents, and the sampleresult compliance rate was as high as 100%.


                The whole nation worked together to fight the epidemic. In the critical period of this fight, Hybribio-Hong Kong Molecular Pathology Testing Center (HK-MPDC), as the benchmark of advanced testing centers in the Asia-Pacific region, provides world-leading molecular testing services. In 2016, it was recognized by Hong Kong molecular pathology professional ISO15189, and it is also one of the designated testing institutions for six major international pharmaceutical companies such as MSD before putting new drugs in the Asia Pacific region.  HK-MPDC actively participated in this smoke-free war, and worked closely with colleagues in the Mainland to complete the quality control of Hybribioinspection products and the crisis management of Hybribio medical laboratory.


                To date, Hybribio has screened nearly 10,000 people, accurately detected positive virus carriers, and excluded several suspected cases.


                Media review: When times are tough, we must never give up! With unity, the Chinese people will surely overcome the epidemic!