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                Epidemic prevention Hybribio accelerates in the fight against the epidemic

                2020-02-02 11:30:35 Hybribio 16

                2020 is the year destined to be remembered. A battle against COVID-2019 epidemic started in China. This unexpected epidemic has affected the daily life and work of Chinese people, but can never destroy them, as Chines people have never ever been defeated.

                The nation pursuit is the Hybribio’s pursuit. In 2003, SARS virus spread all over the world. Hybribio detected SARS virus in only 15 minutes using the flow conducting hybridization technology, which caused a stir in the biological industry. The outbreak of novel coronavirus was unexpected. As the affected areas expand, Hybribio took its responsibility. During the Spring Festival, Hybribio urgently set up a R&D team and successfully developed the COVID-19 Real-Time PCR Kit.


                As a leading enterprise in the field of molecular testing and third-party testing laboratory, Hybribio has always been strictly controlling product quality with the motto “Moral quality, Scientific management”. Hybribio’s COVID-19 Real-Time PCR Kit accurately detected all the samples in the test organized by Guangdong Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Hybribio’s high-quality products were highly praised by the government.


                Hybribio COVID-19 Real-Time PCR Kit has successfully passed the emergency approval defense organized by Guangdong FDA to evaluate the in-vitro diagnostic reagent for epidemic prevention. As an enterprise with national mission and responsibility, Hybribio is always ready to take on its social responsibility whenever the country needs.


                In addition to the R&D of the COVID-19 Real-Time PCR Kit, Hybribio third-party medical laboratories nationwide carefully prepared for the fight. Among them, Wuhan and Shandong lab were included in the first list of third-party organizations permitted by government to carry out the detection of 2019-nCoV. Hybribio staff responds to the call of the country and step forward. At this moment, they are ordinary but great.


                Race against the virus!

                Guangzhou Hybribio medical laboratory, as the flagship of Hybribio third-party organization, is one of the six units designated by Guangdong Health Commission to complete the screening for novel coronavirus in the mobile population in Guangdong Province with other enterprises in the next two months.

                In the critical period of fight, Hybribio scientists kept in good communication with Wuhan Institute of Virology. Hybribio’s staff in different provinces fought in the front line, cooperating with disease control organization and other units.

                At 21:30 p.m. on February 1, taking five boxes of samples entrusted by Guangdong Health Commission, staff of Hybribio logistics team used the special passage of Guangzhou Medical laboratory and delivered the samples to the advanced second-grade biosafety laboratory. The professional technicians who had been waiting there immediately started the process including sample pretreatment, diverting and testing. After careful verification, the samples entered the experimental procedure. Trained technicians skillfully dressed on the protective clothing, put on N95 medical mask, goggles and other protective equipment, dedicated into the testing work wholeheartedly.


                The technicians armed for battle

                In recent years, Hybribio medical inspection group has carried out all professional inspection services characterized by genetic disease gene detection, infectious disease gene detection and tumor molecular pathology. In the molecular testing field particularly, Hybribio comprehensively built the highly specialized testing group with multiple network through the plan of “nucleic acid 99″. With the brand image of “Hybribio medical test, molecular testing expert”, Hybribo safeguards the health of women and children.


                Facing the battle against the COVID-2019 epidemic, Hybribio speeds up the deployment of research, manufacturing and medical laboratories to prepare for the coming diagnostic kit research, sample transportation and material distribution. At the same time, some biosafety training programs have been launched for logistic staff and testing technicians. Hybribio has well prepared itself, waiting for the call of the nation.


                Racing against time to win the precious time for people to fight the virus, one second earlier is one second mattered. After receiving the samples, the Guangzhou inspection team acted with no delay. They immediately carried out the detection work at night according to the process practiced in advance, as they knew that the meaning of each sample and the anxiety contained in every second. Hybribio promised that as a leading enterprise in molecular testing field, no matter how experienced we are, we will never be careless, and certainly not unworthy the national entrustment. Centrifugation, inactivation, nucleic acid extraction, amplification, waste treatment, environmental disinfection, everything is going on orderly.

                Due to the great number of samples, the nucleic acid extraction work continued until 4:00 midnight, and the PCR work until 6:00. At 7:00 a.m., our testing heroes took off protective clothing, walked out of the laboratory, saw the light of early dawn, and eventually completed the first batch of detection work. They could relax a bit finally .



                Technicians are detecting specimens overnight

                It is not fatigue they have at this moment but the responsibility and hope.

                Even though it is weekend and at night, the staff of R&D team and manufacturing team work as it is during the normal working hours.

                We are Hybribio team and we know what we should do. We are proud that we can share the country’s burden.

                To win the battle, we should fully take our advantages over molecular testing and medical service network, take our medical and social responsibility under the leadership, guidance and supervision of government.

                At this very moment, Hybribio Shanghai was in action, Hybribio Beijing in action, Hybribio Jinan in action, Hybribio Zhengzhou in action, Hybribio Yunnan in action, Hybribio Wuhan in action, in three provinces of northeast China, Northwest China and southwest China, all Hybribio teams are preparing for the battle and successively dedicated into the front line of the epidemic battle.


                “The Chinese nation suffer a lot, sacrifice a lot but never give in, they finally take control of their own destiny and fully show the great national spirit.” The Chinese people are strong. Though suffering the hardships, the Chinese nation will be splendid.

                Spring sunlight is not far away, victory is waving to us. God bless China, Chinese people are doomed to win this battle.