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                More than 10,000 samples were detected, and disease control experts affirmed the work of Hybribio’s novel coronavirus detection

                2020-02-12 16:16:20 Hybribio 30

                On February 10, Director Wu Jie of the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention visited the Guangzhou Hybribio Medical Laboratory to guide the detection of the novel coronavirus. The company’s chief scientist Dr. Xie Longxu participated in the reception.


                The expert team went to the laboratory for field investigation to understand the operation process and background information management of the laboratory in detail, and affirmed the reliability of Hybribio’s COVID-19 Real-Time PCR Kit and the standardization of the experimental detection process. In particular, in response to the incomplete information management of the current grass-roots units, Hybribio is highly praised by professionals to assist in improving the process and ensuring the specifications of sample collection. In addition, the expert team hoped Hybribio could play a greater role in the prevention and control of novel coronavirus in Guangdong Province.


                Guangzhou Hybribio medical laboratory has completed more than 10,000 sample tests since February 1, when it was entrusted by Guangdong Health Commission to carry out the sample tests of “three kinds of people” novel coronavirus infected pneumonia in Guangdong Province. So far, the positive virus carriers have been accurately screened and several suspected cases have been excluded. The accuracy rate of positive sample detection and negative sample sampling has been 100%. Shantou University · Hong Kong University Joint Institute of Virology tested the Hybribio’s COVID-19 Real-Time PCR Kit, and the sample result compliance rate was as high as 100%.


                Comprehensively mobilize resources and strengthen the force of epidemic prevention and control

                At present, epidemic prevention and control is still at a difficult stage. Hybribio Medical Laboratories mobilized the Group’s resources to increase the anti-epidemic efforts. Through the establishment of more than 30 medically professional teams, the opening of 8 standardized PCR laboratories dedicated to the detection of novel coronavirus nucleic acid, the improvement of logistics configuration, the provision of a number of instruments, equipment and materials, etc., Hybribio further improved the detection efficiency of the samples submitted, and achieved an average detection capacity of 5,000-10,000 people daily.


                As an indispensable force in this epidemic prevention and control battle, Hybribio is firmly committed to preventing epidemics and professionally protecting the health of the people.