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                The parent company of Hybribio, Hong Kong Science & Technology Ltd., established



                Co-established Hong Kong Gene Technology Ltd. with the University of Hong Kong, acquired two US patents

                – Flow-through Hybridization Technology



                Established Chaozhou Hybribio Biological Instrument Ltd. (former name of the company)



                Established Chaozhou Hybribio Biochemistry Ltd.



                The 1st Hybribio’s HPV Seminar held



                Jointly organized with the Ministry of Health and the Chinese Physician Association to conduct trainings for 600 national base-level doctors for 3 years

                Assisted Chaozhou government with the cervical cancer screening for 300,000 women in the rural area

                Awarded the Social Responsibility Award by the Chinese Physician Association



                The Launching Ceremony of China HPV Database System and The 2nd Hybribio’s HPV Seminar held



                Guangdong HPV Related Molecular Diagnosis Engineering Technology R&D Center established

                Key Program of the 12th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Biomedical Industry in Guangdong Province

                HPV health checkup for 120,000 female employees in Daqing Petroleum



                Hong Kong Molecular Pathology Diagnostic Centre Ltd. established

                The postdoctoral research station established

                Key enterprise of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong Province



                Hybribio Enterprise Technology Center was named Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center

                HPV cervical cancer screening for 150,000 female civil servants in Hunan Province



                Hybribio medical laboratories established nationwide

                Guangdong Hybribio Biochip R & D Industrial Base officially established, as a national project for the development of strategic emerging industry

                HPV diagnostic kits and the gene chip preparation (ZL200710030723.6) method won the Golden Award of the 2016 Chinese Patent Award



                Hybribio (stock code: 300639) was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's Growth Enterprise Market.



                Top 50 Biotechnology Innovation Enterprises in the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay Area

                Hybribio School of Life and Health officially established

                Establishment of a workstation for overseas intelligence serving the Country

                Formal strategic cooperation with European Molecular Genetic Quality Network (EMQN)



                Two COVID-19 diagnostic kits (RT-PCR method and Sanger Sequencing method) developed

                Hybribio Medical Laboratories carried out COVID-19 detection all around the country

                The first diagnostic kit for detection of 10 reproductive tract infection pathogens simultaneously was approved for selling