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                About Hybribio

                Hybribio (Stock code: 300639.SZ) is the leading supplier of nucleic acid molecular diagnostic products in China, with a complete operation chain, from research and development, production, to sales. In 2017, Hybribio was listed in GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

                We developed our IVD platform based on patented technology - “Flow-through Hybridization”, which has been licensed by The University of Hong Kong,and established two major R&D lines - infectious pathogen detection and genetic disease detection. Our products, which have been approved by CFDA and have obtained CE-IVD licenses, have been extensively used in medical and research laboratories in European and Asian countries. Working with partners from different countries, our sales and marketing teams aim for providing an effective strategic marketing plan catered for different markets. More than 25 countries in Asia Pacific, South East Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, and South America use our IVD products for national screening, clinical and research purposes. So far, Hybribio’s diagnostic reagents have been exported to nearly 30 countries. 

                The core patented technology of Hybribio obtained "the Gold Medal of China Patent Award" in 2016, and the competitive product of Hybribio’s HPV diagnostic reagent passed the World Health Organization's External Quality Assessment for four consecutive years (all 100% consistent).  Over 30 million of our HPV tests has been performed in China.

                Three As – authentic, accurate, and affordable - have been the core values of our product, which have made us one of the biggest molecular diagnostic companies in China. We provide product and services to over 1800 hospitals and medical institutes in China. Over 180 scientists and technical personnel are stationed in China and Hong Kong, providing on-site technical training and after-sales technical service support.

                 Taking advantage of the accumulated experience in the field of molecular diagnosis and our R & D technology in the past 16 years, shortly after the outbreak of COVID-19, Hybribio has successfully developed two nucleic acid detection kits for novel coronavirus COVID-19, applying the fluorescence RT-PCR method and Sanger sequencing method respectively. The two kits were used to quickly recognize, identify suspected patients, to distinguish patients between influenza and novel coronavirus, and to assist medical institutions and disease control departments to take timely and effective prevention and control measures. On March 4th, the COVID-19 Real-Time PCR Kit of Hybribio was CE-certified by the European Union. 

                The COVID-19 diagnostic kit of Hybribio participated in the blind studies with 712 clinical samples of 528 cases from Wuhan Institute of Virology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangdong Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Guangdong Second Hospital, Guangzhou No. 8 Hospital, and STU-HKU National Joint Institute of Virology. By comparison, the compliance rate of Hybribio reached 99.62%.

                The government of Guangdong province has entrusted 6 Hybribio ICLs to undertake the screening of COVID-19. The negative and positive samples detected by the ICLs of Hybribio in Guangzhou have been reviewed by the department of Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the compliance rate was 100%. 

                One of our core corporate goals is to foster a long-lasting cooperative relationship with our partners. It is our mission to provide the local community with quality service and comprehensive diagnosis. By incorporating our strength and service to our list of collaborations, we hope it will bring us one step closer to our goal.